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Welcome to Kenny’s Burgers

You can learn all you really need to know about us here at Kenny’s Burgers by sinking your teeth into one of our creations. What do you taste? Well, you taste delicious, top-grade ingredients, for one thing. You taste a burger—or a hot dog or a sandwich—designed to be as flavorful and satisfying as possible, the kind of quality that only comes through years of serving loyal customers with high standards. And you taste something that manages to be ridiculously good without breaking the bank.

When we started Kenny’s Burgers, our goal was simple—and ambitious: We wanted to grill up the best burger in San Antonio. Not to toot our own horn too much, but we’d like to think we’ve succeeded: We’ve got loads of fans and a proudly earned WOAI Blue Plate Award to back up the claim. We’ve worked hard not only to make mouthwateringly good food, but to make it cheap—which is why we’re also the outfit serving the most affordable burger in San Antonio, too.

We pride ourselves on being part of the San Antonio community, which means we answer—day in and day out—to our customers. And as a family-run restaurant, we know that you want a friendly, all-ages atmosphere—not just awesome food—when you’re eating out. Kenny’s Burgers delivers as a family-friendly destination: the kind of place where Mom and Dad, grandparents and grandkids can all come together for happy conversation over lipsmacking-good burgers.

We’ve achieved a lot here at Kenny’s Burgers, but the last thing we want to do is rest on our laurels. Every day, we challenge ourselves to outdo everything we’ve accomplished so far. Every person who walks through our doors is like our first customer—and we never take for granted even our most tried-and-true fan. We’re always trying to improve our service and our menu. Even as we do so, though, we never want to forget the fundamentals that have made us who we are over all these years.

After all, Kenny’s Burgers is a simple outfit: We’re a family business that makes a darn good burger. Look at our menu: You’ll see we offer a basic single, double, or one-pound burger, to which you can add extra ingredients to your heart’s content. We stand behind that no-frills burger: You’ll relish the quality of that meat and that toasted bun. We’re not aiming for fancy; we want our burgers to taste good whether they’re lean and mean or dressed up with guacamole, mushrooms, bacon, and all the other tasty add-ons we offer.

So to really get to know who we are here at Kenny’s Burgers, look no further than the plates we serve, the plate featuring the very best burger in San Antonio (and the most affordable burger in San Antonio). Get to know us by coming to our restaurant, that’s all we ask. We know you’ll be back—again and again and again.